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Our 5-day Medical Summer School is now open

Are you wondering what it is like to be at Medical School? Whether Medicine is the right life decision? Or what skills you use as a doctor? Join our 5-day Summer School for an exclusive introduction to Medicine.

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Worry less about Medical School, you're in great hands

As qualified doctors, we recall the difficulties and challenges faced in applying for Medicine. We remember sitting in that very same seat, with the lack of guidance and all the upcoming worries. This is why we created MedAhead.

We understand first-hand how daunting it can be when tapping into the unknown. This is why our team will guide and support you through each step of your application, using our experiences and expertise to ensure you excel throughout. For specific application help see our services below, or for a comprehensive introduction to Medicine our MedAhead Summer School has all the answers for you.

How can we help you?

All eyes on success: Helping you refine your Medical application

Need some guidance on the process of applying for Medicine or want one of our doctors to walk you through the admissions tests? MedAhead offers a range of bespoke services tailored to helping you progress and advance your application. Goodbye nerves, hello Med School!

Personal Statement

Want your personal statement to really stand out? Find out how MedAhead can help.
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Preparing to take your UCAT soon? Learn some of the most effective techniques and time-saving strategies to make sure you walk out with flying colours.
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Know your material? It’s time to apply the knowledge to your BMAT exams. Learn the best techniques for high performing results.
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Confidently approach both Panel & Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). We’ll walk you through specific scenarios and explain ways to boost your confidence during your interviews.
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Summer School

Discover a deeper insight into Medicine, learn the skills of a Doctor and see how the world of Medicine is changing.
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Building lasting relationships

Your own doctor buddy

Having a qualified doctor guide you through every step really sets us apart. You’ll be taught the most effective techniques to master the application process. Receive personalised advice on succeeding through Medical School and real-world insights from our doctors working on the front line too.

We’re with you at each stage, from the UCAS application and personal statements to admissions tests and interviews.

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For young students

Who are we preparing?

MedAhead supports students from the ages of 15. Whether you are considering if medicine is the right path for you or preparing for an upcoming interview, we can help.

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COVID-19 our changes

Becoming digital

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has caused massive disruption to the world we knew. Sometimes life forces us to find an alternative way to carry on. For us? There was nothing stopping MedAhead from creating an online space to effectively support students like you make your way towards Medical School. Are you ready?

Speak With A Tutor

Got some questions? Feel free to get in touch with our tutors at any time.

Our core values

We’re here to get you into Medical School, no matter what it takes. This means that whilst each student will embark on their own personal journey, our doctors always stay true to our 3 core values.

1. Quality

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality services, resources and tutors. MedAhead is built on the understanding and knowledge of doctors with over 16 years of experience in perfecting applications.

2. Commitment

Applying for any course can be understandably stressful with so many things to consider and organise. Where do you even begin? Our doctors have all been there before and are here to take some of that uncertainty away. Our bespoke course and packages will assist you at every turn of your application.

3. Guarantee

We’re sure that you’ll love what we have to offer, and leave with a new spell of confidence. Moreover, all our packages offer a one-hour free moneyback guarantee if we’re not the right fit for you.


This summer only

5-day Medical Summer School

Dive Deep into Medicine with our 5-Day Summer School. Each day immerses you engaging topics and thought-provoking insights, leaving with a unique taste of Medical School life. Take a leap towards your future today.