Applying To Medicine At University?

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Applying for Medical School this Autumn or next? Worried about how things will pan out? Don’t be, at MedAhead our trained doctors have helped hundreds of students like yourself get through the whole journey. Whether it’s more confidence for the interviews, excelling at the admissions tests or writing that showcase personal statement, we are here to help.

What Do I Need To Apply?

What do I need to apply?

How Can We Help?

A Showcase Personal Statement

Personal statements are often a challenge, I mean what do you really write? At MedAhead, we work with you to build your unique and standout personal statement, putting together your best achievements on one single piece of paper.

Solidified Interview Technique

Forget the nerves, we will train you to give more confident, intelligent and purposeful answers. The Interview is your time to shine, you’re already halfway there.


The UCAT & BMAT are well-known admissions tests designed to test aptitude, skill and knowledge. Scores from these tests are used by universities to support your application. At MedAhead, we teach techniques shown to help our students achieve the best scores, with a fraction of the worry.

GCSE Grades

By strategically analysing your grades (or predicted grades), our team can identify the best universities for you and offer guidance to ensure you exceed your a-level expectations.

A-Level Grades

The options to study Medicine do not end with missed A-level grades. Have a chat with our team to find to discover your options irrespective of you’re A-level grades.

How MedAhead can set you apart

Let’s get your UCAS application prepared with the right set of tools.

Personal Statement

Want your personal statement to really stand out? Find out how MedAhead can help.
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Preparing to take your UCAT soon? Learn some of the most effective techniques and time-saving strategies to make sure you walk out with flying colours.
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Know your material? It’s time to apply the knowledge to your BMAT exams. Learn the best techniques for high performing results.
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Confidently approach both Panel & Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). We’ll walk you through specific scenarios and explain ways to boost your confidence during your interviews.
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Summer School

Discover a deeper insight into Medicine, learn the skills of a Doctor and see how the world of medicine is changing.
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