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Finding BMAT preparation harder than ever? Not to worry, the MedAhead tutors are all qualified doctors with bounds of experience offering the best techniques. We’ll navigate your strengths and weaknesses boosting you in the right direction.

More About BMAT

What is the BMAT?

Looking to apply to some of the UK’s top Medical Schools? The BMAT is probably a test you’ll need to do. The BMAT or Biomedical Admissions Test consists of three sections testing a variety of different skill sets. With this difficult and time-pressured exam in your path, it is important to have the right strategy in place. This comes from, of course, a lot of practice.
At MedAhead, our doctors have helped hundreds of students exceed their expectations and reach their university goals. Join our BMAT lessons today, and get the boost you need.
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The 3 core sections

The BMAT exam is split into 3 core sections. Each of which is time-constrained. With the right strategy and familiarity in the technique, you’ll gain the confidence to power through.

BMAT MedAhead

BMAT Section 1

32 multiple-choice questions, 60 minutes. Section 1 of the BMAT exam tests your problem solving skills, data analysis and the ability to understand arguments.

BMAT Section 2

27 multiple-choice questions, 30 minutes. Section 2 of the BMAT exam tests your knowledge in Science, focusing on Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

BMAT Section 3

30 minutes. Section 3 of the BMAT exam tests your capability in choosing, organising and developing ideas. These ideas are then put into writing as effectively as possible. During the exam, you'll select a question and write an essay.

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Overcoming challenges

Studying for the exam can be challenging. With an allocated tutor and 1-to-1 tutoring sessions for the BMAT, overcome any hurdles you may be facing. Our tutors are also trained doctors who will guide you through each section of the BMAT test effectively.
Fine Tuning

Fine tune your technique

Almost ready to take your BMAT? Great news! At MedAhead, our lessons work proactively with students. Whether it’s specific questions or just to brush up on skills, we have it covered. By evaluating your progress and knowledge our tutors help remove the uncertainties. Whether it’s just the one section or all, with MedAhead you can become the master of your BMAT.
Strategy & Format

Ironing out your strategy & format

The exam is really fast-paced. It’s totalled at 2 hours, but they will definitely fly by. Whilst you’re learning the techniques involved in the BMAT, the MedAhead tutors will also open your eyes to agile strategies to apply and work the most efficiently whilst you’re taking the exam.
Apply The Theory

Apply the theory

So you’ve spent some time with textbooks, online papers and talking with some friends. What’s more confusing is applying all the theory you’ve mastered to the actual exam.
Our tutors work with your weaknesses and guide you into being able to efficiently and effectively use the knowledge you have.
There’s no need to panic, you already know the content, we can help with the application.
Pass The Test

Taking the exam in your stride juggling A-levels with BMAT preparation is hard

Juggling A-levels with BMAT preparation is hard. Relearning those forgotten Physics equations can be draining. Formulating concise arguments onto one piece of A4 is testing, to say the least. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our doctors have years of experience helping students with each section.
We will give you tips to increase your speed; help you relearn your maths and physics content and provide you with exemplar essays to spark your thoughts. With a little help from us, you’ll pass with flying colours, but remember, don’t leave it too late, you can’t wing this one!
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