10 Hour Admission Pack


10-hour bundle of UCAT and BMAT admission training by doctors. Learn the ins and out of what the UCAT and BMATs require. Build the techniques you need to confidently pass the exams.

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What’s included in our BMAT Tutoring sessions?

Section 1

32 multiple-choice questions, 60 minutes. Section 1 of the BMAT exam tests your problem solving skills, data analysis and the ability to understand arguments.

Section 2

27 multiple-choice questions, 30 minutes. Section 2 of the BMAT exam tests your knowledge in science. Focusing on Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Section 3

30 minutes. Section 3 of the BMAT exam tests your capability in choosing, organising and developing ideas. These ideas are then put into writing as effectively as possible. During the exam, you’ll select a question and write an essay.

What’s included in our UCAT sessions?

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1. Section Breakdown

Section by section focused lessons, understanding the style and variety of questions asked.

2. Understand Common Patterns

Understanding common patterns often found in Abstract reasoning as well as developing a well-organised approach to these questions.

3. Helping With Verbal Reasoning & Decision Making

Increasing comprehension and reading speed to help with both decision making and verbal reasoning.

4. Confidence With Arithmetics

Maths focused lessons to help students develop confidence with arithmetic used in Quantitative reasoning.

5. Good Practices & Situational Judgement

Understanding common medical ethics as well as developing a neutral framework to help with situational judgement. Utilising frameworks written in GMCs ‘good medical practice’ guides.


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