3 Hour Interview Coaching


3 hour of 1-to-1 interview coaching with a qualified doctor that is assigned to you. You have the opportunity to run through any difficulties you might be facing across your MMI Interview preparations.


Course Structure

Discover the structure of MedAheads MMI and Panel Interview course.


MedAhead offers an all-in-one complete kit for medical interview prep. From speaking about work experience and voluntary work to discussing extra-curricular activities.

Our team of tutors help you to develop strong answers to questions such as: ‘why medicine?’. Furthermore, to use your competencies as strengths for prospective doctors.

Confidence & Fluency

When you go to an interview, it’s like presenting yourself. When we speak about ourselves, we speak like its an art form, in a fluid manner. At MedAhead we practice fluency with our students so that they’re comfortable with their words.

Our trained doctors work with you and prepare you the best way possible. With years of experience under their belts, you can take a deep breath.

Medical Ethics

Ethical dilemmas are commonplace in medical interviews. By understanding the basics and introducing a few specific ethical frameworks our students excel at recognising ethical dilemmas and tackling them without bias.

Our Doctors will work carefully to emphasise the strongest aspects and teach students to navigate any weaker parts.

Wider Reading

We provide resources to help students stay on top of current affairs. Furthermore, we guide them to discover more about their own medical interests. Students have access to our reading lists and can choose from three books as part of our premium package.​

Focusing on you

1-to-1 personalised tutoring sessions. We do not host generic sessions for our students. To get the best results from our course, we offer a personalised experience conducted by our doctors, not students.

100% Money-back guarantee

Not the course for you? No problem. We believe in our abilities to deliver excellence and so with confidence offer 100% refund no questions asked after your first session.

Quality Material

Be welcomed to an exceptional amount of resources that will aid you in journey to passing your Interview.

Our Guarantee

Had your first session and didn’t enjoy it? MedAhead gives you a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Simply contact us either using our online chat or contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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