Virtual Summer School


MedAhead’s Virtual Summer School: July to August 2022

MedAhead’s Virtual Summer School is spread over 2 weekends: 23rd-24th July & 30th-31st July. Sign up today for early-bird access and save £50 on our combined package.

How will the Virtual Summer School Work?

We’ve perfected our craft to deliver a seamless virtual learning environment.

Our Virtual Summer School will run over two consecutive weekends starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:00 each day. We ensure students have enough time for breaks, questions and encourage discussions within the group.

The entire course is taught by our own NHS doctors and run over Microsoft Teams. Further details are sent out a few weeks prior to starting.

We know how easy it is to lose focus staring at a screen. This is why we vary up our content throughout the day, with interactive quizzes, whiteboard Q&As, debates and our infamous model making workshops. Students also receive their very own ‘Intro-Box’, a little more on that right below.

We stretch the limits of technology to create an immersive environment, all you need to bring is yourself and a cup of tea!

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