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Building the Foundations

  • Taking concepts taught in Biology and Chemistry a little further
  • Learn new skills through our interactive sessions

A flavour of Medicine

  • Taught entirely by qualified NHS doctors
  • Gain insight into the career through immersive case-based simulations

Hybrid Model

  • We facilitate both online and in-person sessions
  • Workshops are offered throughout the year
Inspiring new skills

Introducing Radiology

Interpret key radiological signs and see how medical conditions appear on images. From infectious pneumonias on a Chest X-Ray to debilitating haemorrhagic strokes on a Brain CT. Our students will develop the key skills to systematically interpret scans and visualise a range of pathologies.

Visualising Medicine

A Practical Experience

MedAhead’s in-person insight workshops challenges students to take their Biology & Chemistry foundations further. Our Doctors will present a series of patient case-studies and break down the biological mechanisms of disease that translate into illness. Learn how our Red blood cells dramatically change shape in Sickle Cell Disease and anaemia or how a build up liver toxins provokes encephalitis and seizures. Doctors have a huge arsenal of knowledge to quickly differentiate symptoms into diseases. At our workshops we will guide you on this path helping you appreciate the ways disease manifest illness.

Encouraging Powerful Conversations

Medical Ethics & COVID-19

COVID-19 has considerably shaped all aspects of our life and directly influenced the future of healthcare. Our insight workshops would not be complete without discussing the drastic and widespread implications of the virus and pandemic. We encourage our students to think broadly about the future impacts of COVID-19 and what changes could be made to prevent future outbreaks. Hear our Doctors’ stories from the front line working in intensive care and emergency medicine through the peak of the 2019 pandemic.

Building Lasting Relationships

Your Own Doctor Buddy

Having a qualified doctor guide you through every step really sets us apart. You’ll be taught the most effective techniques to master the application process. Receive personalised advice on succeeding through Medical School and real-world insights from our doctors working on the front line too.

We’re with you at each stage, from the UCAS application and personal statements to admission tests and interviews.

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