Experience a unique and interactive introduction to Medicine.

Not sure whether Medicine is right for you? Want to find out exactly what a doctor does? MedAhead’s Summer School is the ideal introduction to Medicine. Taught by NHS doctors who will share their unique insights from the frontline.

“There were lots of different topics and material covered in the classes, it gave a really good overview of medical school”

VictoriaAge: 17
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Keeping things bitesized

We know what it’s like when there are tonnes of information to digest and lots of new complicated topics. Our Medical Summer School works with you to give you a real and inspiring introduction into the complexities of Medicine. With our interactive online sessions, we’re here to bring you closer to the Medical world and debunk any myths you may have.

Getting you ready

Our admissions focused day is tailored to pave the next steps for you on your Medical journey. We will lay out your timeline and introduce you to personal statements, UCAT workshops and the Medical interviews. We facilitate the course with our 16 years of Medical experience.

Nervous? Don’t be. We’ve got you covered

The Medical Summer School is made to be practical and engaging. Our doctors are deeply passionate about Medicine and simply want to invite you into their world. There are no exams, no winners and no losers. We hope that by the end of the school you’ll feel excited and engaged with the world of Medicine.

Where theory meets practice

As doctors, we have designed this Summer School to give you the most engaging and unique introduction to Medicine. We’ve tailor-made the material to deliver an experience that will leave you inquisitive and passionate about Medicine.

Each day, we tackle a unique subtopic
within Medicine. From Learning about myocardial Infarctions
on our Cardiology day to the impacts of Diabetes, our
learning is immersive and designed to keep you engaged.

With quizzes, practical additions sent directly to you by post and daily debates on controversial topics, our Summer School is truly in a different league.

Future of Medicine

The future: From precision robotic surgery to the growing field of telemedicine

Medicine has always evolved and it is changing at an ever-increasing pace. We dive into the technologies of tomorrow and their impact on you as future doctors.

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Interviews, Personal Statements, Coaching, Mentoring

The moment you’ve been waiting for. Our final day is focused on admissions and securing your dream offer at Medical School.

From our admissions tests tips from doctors who have scored in the top deciles of both exams, to interview tips from past panellists, we share with you the very best knowledge leaving you confidently heading towards you dream offer.

Each Summer School student will receive both a complimentary mock interview and ‘Final Touches’ personal statement redraft with a MedAhead doctor.

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MedAhead’s intro box, just for you

With our Summer School we wanted to really bring online teaching to life. Every student that signs up will receive a complimentary introductory box filled with items chosen by our very own doctors. Students will receive their own stethoscope, tendon hammer and much more to help them navigate through each day and help us achieve a truly immersive experience.

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Please note: Due to government guidance, we have moved our courses online for the time being. Upon purchase, you will be instructed for online sessions and orientation. Our days will start at 10am and will finish by 4pm.

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Medical Summer School programme

Day 1: The Heart & Breathing

Make sure you’re comfortable, grab a cup of tea and let the Summer School begin! Starting with our most important organ, the engine of the body, the heart. Together we’ll learn and experience how blood and oxygen mix and travel rapidly to perfuse all our organs.

Using your very own MedAhead stethoscope you’ll quickly distinguish heart sounds, learning what’s normal and how to listen for subtle heart murmurs. Debate with your peers whether we should use heart valves made from pigs and cows and what consequences this can have.

Later we will learn about the deadliest childhood illness in the UK, asthma. By testing your lungs and your peak flow we will understand the relevance of this simple test in asthma attacks.

Day 2: The Brain & Mind

Today we’ll explore the intricacies of the brain and our mind. From controlling our reflexes, our thoughts and emotions to processing information in a blink of a second. What happens when it all goes wrong You’ll quickly understand why a stroke can be so debilitating, examining the consequences of oxygen deprivation within the brain.

By teaching you to quickly recognise the symptoms of a stroke you will quickly appreciate why time is of the essence, and why every minute counts. By discussing case studies of stroke survivors, we will home in on the concept of quality of life and debate whether euthanasia ever has a place in modern Medicine.

Using your MedAhead tendon hammers we will teach you how to elicit reflexes and help you consider the medical conditions where these reflexes become absent. By explaining the pupillary light reflex you will understand the basis of and uses for our most primitive reflexes.

Day 3: The Life of a Surgeon

Our modern world is filled with vices, from alcohol and drugs to on-demand fast food around the clock. We will consider the impacts of these on our bodies, from understanding how alcohol diminishes our liver function to how cocaine causes profound arrhythmias.

Later we dive into the unique and life-saving world of surgery. How do we transplant organs? Do mistakes in surgery ever happen? If so, what are the consequences? We will also look forward at the marvels of robotic surgery and the ability to suture the smallest of surfaces.

Day 4: Medical Ethics & The Pandemics

Covid-19 has most definitely changed our world and has shocked the healthcare system. You will hear from doctors who have worked in ITU, A&E and in Respiratory wards during the pandemic and learn the true pathophysiology of Covid-19.

By comparing the current pandemic to previous pandemics, we can learn to draw similarities and differences and discuss what lessons can be learnt and whether Medicine has changed from these events. We will compare potential treatments and visualise the concept of herd immunity, a key focus in vaccines.

We will conclude with an outlook on the NHS. Debating the possible impacts of Brexit and how an increase in telemedicine and nanotechnology may shape your role as future doctors.

Day 5: Broken Bones & Next Steps

So you’ve broken your bone, what do you do? We will teach you to interpret x-rays and learn to look for fractures. We will discuss when a joint replacement is needed and what happens when a metal joint goes through an MRI scanner.

Finally, we’ll round up our Summer School with words of guidance. All of our doctors have been where you are now, and over the years and helped hundreds of students win places at prestigious Medical Schools. We will walk you through the application process from personal statements, to admissions tests, to interviews, and provide you with useful tips and advice to ensure your application stands out.

Remember, each of you get access to our free ‘Final Touches’ Personal Statement service as well as a complimentary mock interview with a doctor.

What our students say about us

JoshStudent - 16

The case studies were very interactive and helped bring the teaching alive

SaraStudent - 15

Everything was repeated making sure we understood everything, the pace was great and we were all able to follow the content

MariamStudent - 16

I'd never sutured before so it was great to learn how to. Heer made it easy to follow each step and clearly explained everything

SamStudent - 16

We were allowed to ask as many questions as we wanted and the teacher answered all of these in great depth. The games and debates were really unique

MohitStudent - 15

The class was very interactive! We used bean bags, had debates and there were loads of questions

JakeStudent - 16

We covered all areas of the topic, I learnt a lot more about medicine than before

VictoriaStudent - 17

There were lots of different topics and material covered in the classes, it gave a really good overview of medical school

NickStudent - 16

The best part was all the practical involvement, each day we looked back on what we had learnt and played new games with this knowledge

KarishmaStudent - 16

I learnt so much over the week, it was really useful hearing the Doctor's stories

Course Date:
24th July to 7th
August 2021

The course is spread across 3 weekends. The dates of the Medical Summer School are: 24th July, 25th July, 31st July, 1st August, 7th August 2021.