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First things first

Your personal statement is the perfect opportunity to showcase your achievements, passion and knowledge. Create a truly memorable statement to bring you one step closer to Medical School. Let’s take a deeper look.

Why Study Medicine?

Developing core reasons for following your path will help build a strong personal statement. Using personal examples and thoughts will leave a powerful impression upon readers.

Work Experience

Work experience is an ideal way to get one foot in the door. Gain realistic exposure from healthcare professionals and insights into the diversities of healthcare roles. We realise the difficulties in getting work experience, especially during COVID-19. Get in touch with our team to see the solutions we can offer.

The Wider Medical World & Current Affairs

From new drug discoveries, novel treatments and emerging dangers, the NHS continues to grow and adapt through it all. Learn how our health service is impacted by the worldwide events from pandemics to political disruptions such as Brexit. Stay on top of the latest news by subscribing to our mailing list here.

Demonstrating Your Passion

Your personal statement demonstrates your love and passion for the field of medicine. Elevate your writing by including some voluntary work, perhaps some extra research or one of our recommended books which can be found here.

Avoiding common mistakes

Creating a notable and exceptional personal statement

Common mistakes often hide in plain sight and are easily missed. With our doctors helping you choose the more effective language, creating a more readable flow and ensuring the impeccable grammar, there will be nothing holding you back.

Proofreading your personal statement

Proofread by the experts. Read, read and read again. Our doctors have years of experience proofreading thousands of statements. With their help, you’ll iron out any creases leaving your statement sparkling.

Editing your personal statement

Our editing process is thorough. We pick the most effective language and enhance the composition of your statement whilst keeping your passion true and personal. We’ll assist in making your points clear and concise. No one likes a waffler.

Removing the guesswork from your personal statement

Mentoring you through experience

Looking back on when we first applied, there are many things we’d do differently. We lacked guidance and relied on guesswork to produce results. It’s time to remove those barriers and use our experience to help you create an effective and brilliant personal statement. Let us help you make your application really tick.

Our pro tips

With all our packages, we offer students access to a bank of successful statements. Learn from previous students who have been in your place. Our doctors will ensure your statement fits what universities want to know, hear and see from you.

Preparing you for interviews, exams & more

MedAhead offers comprehensive packages for all aspects of your Medical application. Click below to see what else we can do for you.

Speak with a doctor

Got some questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Doctors at any time.

Our focus is on you

1-to-1 mentoring

You will have our complete focus and attention. When committing to a personal statement package, we will assign you to a doctor on the team. This will give you the advantage to spend focused time with a qualified doctor to iron out your personal statement.

Creating the biggest impact from your statement

We want to leave lasting impressions

By deconstructing your personal statement and building it back line by line, we will add strength and flow to all your points.

Standing out

Our goal is to create a powerful statement that showcases the best of your abilities, knowledge and passion. We want the very best of you all on a single piece of paper.

Compare, learn, enhance

You’re never alone along this journey. With the help of your personal doctor and our bank of previous statements, we help you feel in control during the drafting process.

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