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Multiple Mini Interviews & Panel Interview Coaching

The Interview stage is one of the very last obstacles – your journey is almost complete. Our courses are designed to cover techniques, content and knowledge helping you bring your most confident self for when it really counts.

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What can you expect from a Medical School interview?

Medical interviews remain the most nerve-wracking and feared part of the application cycle, but we think this should change. You’ve already got one foot through the door and the interview is a chance to sell yourself and tick that very last box before receiving your offer. Although the format and style may vary the content is often the same and with little insight from our experienced doctors, your interview will feel like a walk in the park.

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The Panel Interview

The Panel interview is the traditional method that Medical Schools use to distinguish their candidates. It is the common picture you have when you think of an interview. Across from you will be a range of doctors, Medical students, healthcare staff and often nonclinical staff that make up the panel.

These panels range from 2-4 people and interviews last between 15 minutes to 1 hour. This may seem daunting, but really it is just a chance to get to know you and have multiple members scoring you to ensure fairness. Questions often include competencies, ethical scenarios and knowledge-based questions and topics arising from your personal statement.

Multiple Mini Interviews

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) are a newer and more effective style of interviewing candidates. Candidates will rotate through several ‘interview stations’ with each station hosting a unique question consistent for all candidates.

For example, one station may introduce a common ethical scenario and ask for a structured response, another may test your manual dexterity or ask you to explain a simple process to a layperson. These MMI interviews generally last longer with up to 9 stations at some universities.

Course structure

Discover the structure of MedAheads MMI and Panel Interview course.

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MedAhead offers an all-in-one complete kit for Medical interview prep. From speaking about work experience and voluntary work to discussing extra-curricular activities.

Our team of tutors help you to develop strong answers to questions such as: ‘Why Medicine?’ and use your competencies as strengths for a prospective doctor.

Confidence & fluency

Think of an Interview as a chance to present your very best self. We ensure answers remain fluent and flow well. We avoid rehearsed answers and instead encourage our students to use methods taught to answer questions coherently and confidently. We help our students manage nerves and stress – remember we all get nervous; we just have to use this to our advantage.

Medical ethics

Ethical dilemmas are commonplace in Medical interviews. By understanding the basics and introducing a few specific ethical frameworks our students excel at recognising ethical dilemmas and tackling them without bias.

Our doctors will work carefully to emphasise the strongest aspects and teach students to navigate any weaker parts.

Wider reading

We provide resources to help students stay on top of current affairs. Furthermore, we guide them to discover more about their own Medical interests. Students have access to our reading lists and can choose from three books as part of our premium package.​

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) taught by trained doctors

MMI at MedAhead is taught by real doctors. Our doctors have years of experience sitting on interview panels, teaching content in a bitesize manner and performing mock interviews. We want to share this wealth of knowledge and experience with you to help you develop your confidence and flow, giving you the head start right from the get-go.
  • Approach questions with confidence
  • Taught by a qualified doctor
  • 100+ satisfied students
  • Personalised to you

Available online, any time

Wherever you are, whenever you can, we will find a schedule that works for you. Our services are available online with all lessons running over a video call. Whether it’s a mock interview with our doctors or a structured approach to interview questions, we’ve got it covered.
  • Experienced personal tutor
  • Accessible at your convenience
  • As many hours as you need
  • Guided by a qualified doctor

1-to-1 interview preperation

We believe in quality time and effort. Your time is valuable and we respect this. All our lessons are personalised and 1-to-1, with all our attention on you. Ask as many questions as you like and have content repeated, rephrased and reworked until you’re satisfied with your progress.

  • Access to premium resources. Keeping you up to date
  • Preparing for your desired university
  • Feedback after each session
  • Tutor focuses on you
  • Personalised interview plan based on strengths and weaknesses

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