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Applying to medical school was in many ways more stressful and emotional than being a medical student itself. You are thrown into a messy application system balancing A-level studies with numerous admissions tests, personal statement writing and preparing for the ever-changing styles of interviews. To add to this you face fierce competition for scarce places, with the number of applicants growing exponentially each academic year.

However, be comforted knowing your stress is not felt alone. I vividly remember my own application cycle and the emotional rollercoaster that inevitably followed. In hindsight, a mentor with expert knowledge to guide and breakdown this entire process paving my way forward would’ve been invaluable.

Each aspect of the application cycle lends itself to new challenges which are often very unique to the prospective medical student. It is not only writing a showpiece personal statement, but also achieving highly in the UCAT or BMAT, tests designed specifically to stretch the analytic minds of applicants. At interviews, you are asked about ethical dilemmas and novel research until finally every gate is open and you receive your offer. It is an exhausting process by any means.

The diagram below shows the typical timeline spanning the medical application process:

So why am I here?

As a doctor, I’ve had the opportunity to coach over 500 students through their medical admissions process. I’ve helped simplify the process and taught hours of lessons passing on key techniques for admissions tests and interviews. With the help of my colleague, we created MedAhead.

Whilst we are not the first company to offer medical admissions services, we have the unique benefit of learning from the shortcomings of our counterparts. Founded by two UCL medical graduates, both with years coaching students to excel with admissions, we have the expertise needed to guide your son or daughter through the entire process.

Each student is paired with a doctor whom they will be coached throughout their admissions cycle. This constant point of contact helps alleviate stress, and allows for a strong bond to form, helping students receive tailored learning in a way that they best respond to. Our comprehensive packages offer the entire range of admissions support all under one roof. There is simply no mess, no multiple tutors, no overwhelming number of resources – just a qualified doctor to teach you the ropes.

Check us out here:

Dr Heer Shah

CEO & Founder, MedAhead.

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